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Find the right lawyer – anywhere. No more trust issues. Vetted, approved, rated. From all over the world. Accessible at your fingertips.

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Contracts & Templates

Download the right contract from your WAL Library. Available as single documents or as a subscription – all written by our WAL Lawyers.


Follow the latest legal news and find any legal topic with the WAL Journal. Everything you need to know on your mobile phone. Getting in touch with a WAL Author is easy: connect instantly to get more information.

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Contract Manager

Register all your contracts in your private user account and benefit from your WAL Manager. Keep on top of your contract terms and deadlines. Obtain coverage for any dispute with our WAL Insurance — for transparent cost management made easy.

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Digital Court

Benefit from your WAL Digital Court, run by our WAL Referee – no legal representation needed. Get a binding and enforceable judgment — recognized by law, faster and cheaper.


Settle transactions securely and efficiently with WAL STX. WAL solves the trust issue by providing a quick, cost-efficient tool for settling purchases and providing other transaction services.

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We offer a platform enabling different target groups to connect and benefit from one another: private individuals – companies – lawyers – law firms.

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