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Use the WAL Platform to get access to lawyers, contracts, templates, publications, and digital courts. All integrated, filtered, and at your fingertips on your phone.

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Discover the new way to hire lawyers and get the information you need through the trusted WAL Platform.

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Legal Consultation

Get an initial 15-minute consultation with a lawyer of your choice for only USD 6.00 by using the integrated call function or other methods. Filtered by location, status, practice area and user ratings — the WAL Platform will show you all the lawyers available for a specific task. No need for appointments, traveling somewhere or advance payments. Simply pick up your phone and get the desired information. It couldn’t be easier.

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Download Contracts & Templates

All registered members have access to the global WAL Library where experts upload contracts and templates – ready to use. You can download any contract and any template — for only USD 1.00. If you have any follow-up questions, simply contact the WAL Author for more information.

Explore Packages

Discover the easy way to get to the checklist and all necessary contracts you need for your special purposes in one package.

Share Knowledge

Are you interested in legal topics and legal news across the globe? Have a look at the WAL Journal: here experts share their knowledge and link related content like contracts and templates. Filtered by keywords, enabling you to keep abreast of the desired legal area.

Manage your Contracts

After downloading a contract from the WAL Library it will automatically appear in your user account. The same goes for contracts you upload to your user account. You can invite the counterparty to sign the contract on the WAL Platform, register your obligations, set reminders, take out a WAL Insurance policy for a contract, and generally keep on top of your contract terms and deadlines.

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Access a Digital Court

Most of the legal issues in the world don’t have to be decided by a brick & mortar court. The law allows the parties to designate a person (or persons) to act as the judge in the event of a dispute, even before the dispute arises. Users can choose to assign their case to a WAL Referee, who will issue a binding and enforceable judgment – faster and cheaper than going to court. Simply get a signed arbitration clause by all parties and settle the issue in the fair and equitable WAL Digital Court.



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