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Discover the new way to acquire private and corporate clients. The ultimate acquisition tool – all on your phone. Be part of the new WAL World.

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Legal Consultation

Registered WAL Lawyers can upload their profile to their user account, which is accessible by everyone. By registering on the WAL platform, you may accept 4 calls of 15 minutes each per month (one call/week) free of charge. This is the first point of contact and a great opportunity to close new clients – on your own terms. Have issues involving foreign law? Seize the unique opportunity offered by WAL for a legal consultation by a foreign lawyer for only USD 6.00 per 15-minute unit.

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Upload & Download Contracts & Templates

All WAL Lawyers must upload at least four contracts/templates in their practice area, accessible to everyone around the world. This enables the WAL Community to have access to the global WAL Library, filled with content from experts in various fields. Every contract and template is tagged with the name of its WAL Author so that private clients and companies who download the contract or template can get in touch and engage the WAL Lawyer directly.

Create and Explore Packages

Discover the easy way to get to the checklist and all necessary contracts you need for your special purposes in one package.

Share Knowledge

Thanks to the global WAL Community, every post in the WAL Journal reaches millions of people and companies at once. Forget about expensive magazines and journals, which are only read by other lawyers anyway. Publish at low cost, link related contracts, and templates, and get in touch with private and corporate clients who need a WAL Lawyer.

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Be a Judge

The WAL Digital Court is the courtroom of the future – on your smartphone. Become certified as a WAL Referee and decide legal disputes, offering parties a faster and cheaper alternative to going to court. All guided by the WAL International Arbitration Rules (WIAR) – binding and enforceable.

All-in-one Dashboard

With WAL you have all client data, contracts & templates, knowledge, articles and more at your fingertips. From your web browser or via WAL’s mobile app.

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